On-line training on strategic planning for Montenegrin HEIs representatives

On-line training on strategic planning for Montenegrin HEIs representatives was held within IESP project on 16 and 18 June. The training was led by professor Tomaž Čater from the University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business. The main concepts in the strategic planning process were presented, and explanation of strategic analysis, strategy formulation and implementation givenOn the first day prof. Čater presented elements of an internationalization strategy in higher education and its structure, strategic management model and strategic analysis (general, external, internal environment, target countries, SWOT analysis).

On the second day prof. Čater presented strategy formulation, strategy development, mission, vision, goals, activities, outcomes, creating strategic map, strategy evaluation, problems of strategy implementation, documenting the strategy, communicating the strategy, managing changes and proper leadership.

The training included interactive work during which the Montengrin HEIs representatives in groups, per university, were actively involved in providing inputs for different stages in the strategy formulation according to the templates prepared by professor Čater. After presentations of individual universities, prof. Čater gave his comments and suggestions to the formulations and concepts put forward by the participants.

The training will serve as the base for the process of drafting of Internationalization strategies, along with the accompanying Action Plans for period 2020 – 2025 by Montenegrin HEIs, in coordination with EU HEIs.

The strategies should set the main development directions for Montenegrin HEIS in the next five years so that they reach the goal of increasing their international visibility and competitiveness.


On-line training of young researchers on Internationalization of Research and Innovation

Within the Erasmus + project Fostering Internationalization at Montenegrin HEIs through Efficient Strategic Planning - IESP on-line training on the topic of internationalization of research and innovation is held, which will last for seven working days. The training is attended by around 30 young researchers of Montenegrin universities involved in the...


Virtual Study Visit of the University Côte D’Azur

Virtual study visit of the University Côte d’Azur, one of the EU partners on the IESP project, took place on June 3. The virtual study visit was attended by representatives of Montenegrin partner universities, ministries and the Agency for Control and Quality Assurance of HE of Montenegro.


On-line meeting of the IESP Project Management Board

Members of IESP Project Management Board met via Zoom platform for an on-line meeting on May 18th.  The meeting was an opportunity to take stock of the activities implemented so far and to plan activities in the months to come.