1.1. Review of EU HEIs models of internationalization
1.2. Benchmarking of internationalization criteria
1.3. Development of guidelines for enhancing internationalization of Montenegrin HEIs


2.1. Procurement of equipment for supporting internationalization
2.2. Development/Redesign of English web sites of Montenegrin HEIs
 2.3.1. On-line training on strategic planning for Montenegrin HEIs representatives
2.3.2. On-line training for Internationalization of Research and Innovation


3.2 Development of supporting documentation to internationalization
3.3 Design of catalogues for courses offered in English

University of Montenegro

Academic Offer for Erasmus+ Students - University of Montenegro
3.4. On-line Training on Summer Schools organized by the University of Ljubljana
3.4. On-line Training on Summer Schools organized by the University of Cadiz
3.6. Development of criteria for assessing quality of internationalization of Montenegrin HEIs


4.1. Adoption and implementation of strategic documents
 4.2. Establishment of language support centre for internationalization
4.3. Adoption and implementation of English courses offered at BSc and MSc levels
 4.4. Adoption and implementation of pilot summer schools
  • Faculty of Maritime Studies Kotor: Sustainability in Yachting and Cruise Tourism - Faculty Council Decision 
  • Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management: Entrepreneurship in Heritage Tourism - Faculty Council Decision
  • Decision on Accreditation "Sustainable development of the yachting and cruising industry" - Document
  • Decision on Accreditation “ Entrepreneurship in Heritage Tourism" - Document


5.1. Establishment of Quality Assurance (QA) body
5.2. Development and implementation of Internal Quality Control and Monitoring Plan
5.3. External Quality Control and Evaluation


6.3. Dissemination products and materials


7.1. Establishment of Project management structures
 7.2. Project meetings
7.3.  Day-to-day management of the project activities